Bear and Kind Apawthecary

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Bear and Kind Apawthecary is a homegrown Australian pet care brand launched by the lovely Sherry Cooper-Smith in 2020 to give pawrents natural and gentle skin and coat care product options for their furbabies.

The 'Bear' comes from Sherry's product testers and resident cuddle bears (otherwise known as Murray River Retrievers), Mila, Hattie and Uncle Bear. It's also a nod to the natural simplicity of her products and the things you won't find in them (bare). The 'Kind' refers to the use of only natural and organic ingredients, being gentle on sensitive skin, and being as sustainable and kind to the planet as possible.

Bear And Kind Apawthecary Collage of dogs and product, by Eden Tree Eco

The entire range is plant-based, vegan friendly, and handmade on their little farm in the tiny town of Barkly (no pun intended) in the beautiful mountains of the Pyrenees Ranges in country Victoria, Australia.

Sherry's ingredients are fair trade and certified organic, or grown organically by local producers. She uses only certified organic botanicals, oats and fresh produce (such as banana and carrot) for added goodness, and adds pure essential oils for their natural scent and other benefits to your dogs skin and coat. The Bear and Kind products are strictly free of chemical nasties including synthetic fragrances and preservatives, SLS, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, palm oil and the like. All Sherry's products are tested on humans first, and none of the ingredients are tested on animals. Oh... they're also 100% non-toxic, so they are safe if your pooch licks them at any time.  (Which our own dog Snowy likes to do when we've used the balm on his paws.  Snowys favourite is Settle Petal).

Bear and Kind Apawthecary are also environmentally conscious when it comes to their packaging. They pride themselves on being plastic-free... using 100% biodegradable Kraft paper packaging wherever possible, recycled paper product labels, and paper-based post packs, fill and cartons.

Bear And Kind Apawthecary Image of the brand owners dogs playing tug a war.

We, (and more importantly our own dog Snowy) were delighted to discover these natural, gentle on skin and coat products handmade by the dog loving Aussie family brand Bear and Kind.  We trust you will be equally delighted with their quality too.  Visit our Furry Friends Favourites collection to further explore the Bear and Kind Apawthecary range and determine which products are a good fit for your Furry Friends...

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