Body Mind Connect

Body Mind Connect
Together we will be the change we want to see in the world.
Body Mind Connect was created in Byron Bay in 2017 by Nadia Dell’oro, named after a dream she had. A sustainable brand, creating natural, organic, home compostable yoga mats that combine both style and function. Inspired by Mother Nature, Nadia designs yoga mats that are made with ethically sourced and sustainable natural tree rubber, coconut husk fibre and beautiful earth tone colours. A mat that is durable and designed to last for years, while supporting your practices and connection to the Earth.
Nadia loves the creativity and openness of the yoga teachings and its practice. Body Mind Connect was created on four strong foundations: sustainability, earth friendly, fair trade, and ethically handmade. Nadia's designs are fair-trade handcrafted in Sri Lanka, with a very reliable and traditional manufacturer. 
She says; “I practice yoga and meditation daily, thinking about people’s needs. My priorities whilst practicing are comfort and quality. My designs are inspired by nature, time spent with beautiful people and the protection of Mother Earth. My mats are very earthy, sustainable and ethically made. I like to celebrate life, keep my traditions of yoga practice and support slow fashion and fair trade. Byron Bay has inspired me to create the best.”


Coconut Coir, a natural fibre extracted from the husk of a coconut, is a valuable resource to Sri Lanka. Coconut husk itself is a sustainable material. Mind Body Connect's range of yoga mats are interwoven with this coconut husk fibre, reinforced to provide grip and non-slip, and a texture to the touch similar to touching the earth. Coir also has strength, durability, and is environmentally friendly. The base is made from an organic, natural tree rubber.

Natural Plant-based Dyes

Mind Body Connect use a natural dyeing process for their mats, creating beautiful, earthy colours using various plant materials such as Indigo Leaves, Mango Leaves, Indian Almond leaves & Indian Redwood Bark. Natural mordants, such as myrobalan, rhubarb leaves, oils, minerals, alum and iron vat are used to make the colours bright and fast. They do not use any heavy metal mordants like copper, chrome, zinc or tin.


100% home compostable packing is used. No toxic residues or micro-plastics.


Nadia's vision and mantra are to create a global movement for a sustainable tomorrow. Creating a natural, sustainable, chemical-free, biodegradable and functional product that is made with integrity and value-aligned, ensuring the protection of Mother Earth. Together we will be the change we want to see in the world. The change starts here and through the creation of everyday products that are made with Mother Nature as our priority.
A good while before launching Eden Tree Eco, we (Candice and Dan) searched high and low for the perfect yoga mat that was good for us, our practices and the environment. Candice personally uses her 'Earth' mat every day, and it is still today as it was brand new.  We are happy to be able to introduce 'you' to these lovingly made mats also. Explore the Mind Body Connect range here.

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