Lovingly Hand-Crafted Ferments Created By A Soulful Team Of Local Brewers, Farmers & Health Professionals

Buchi is located, brewed, cultured and bottled in a micro-brewery in Brisbane. Their brewery has an open-door policy and is a project driven by love by a crew of committed fermentos, food artisans, and health professionals. Founded by a Brisbane family with a background in nutrition and organic living.

Jason, the backbone and brewmaster of Buchi is originally from New Zealand and believes his kiwi roots in nature drive him to reclaim a sustainable lifestyle through fermenting, organics and connecting community. Their management and brew team have background in nutrition, public health and business. Buchi's Motto is "People, Planet, Profit".

Buchi use only the freshest certified organic ingredients (100% certified organic), sourced from local, certified organic Australian farmers. With the mission to produce premium, local, sustainable ferments for everyone, in much the same way it has been over the last 2000 years - hand-crafted the ‘old-fashioned way’ (the way nature intended).

Maintaining a warm and happy environment for their microbial friends to transform their food sources into delicious, life-giving delights is their priority. They value quality craftsmanship, health and wellness, local economic development, and environmental stewardship. Buchi's products are also raw - meaning that none of their ingredients have been heated, maintaining their potency and vibrancy - and definitely no pasteurisation.

Buchi is Australia’s leading company in home brew ferment kits and proud to offer certified organic home brewing to you.  Buchi guarantees the SCOBY’s that come from Buchi Brewery are the healthiest and robust cultures you can get.  Wildly fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY or Mother) making it packed full of powerful probiotics, antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Plus their brew at home kits mean you can create unlimited batches of your own ferments, have extra SCOBY to gift to friends and experiment with your own flavours!   


We (Candice and Dan) thoroughly enjoy making and consuming our gut-loving kombucha from Buchi. This company and their products have such a great vibe. Get fermenting yourself and check out Buchi's home brew kits!

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