Cacao Collective

Cacao Collective

Cacao Collective are an Australian-owned brand who consciously and sustainably source Ceremonial-Grade Cacao from a handful of small farming communities in Satipo & Tarapoto, Peru. It is fair-trade, with an ethical supply chain from farm to cup, gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan, ACO certified organic and heavy metal-free.

Yasmin and Mitch launched the brand from their home in Perth and think of themselves as both the Alchemists and the Scientists - merging the ancient ritual, ceremonial and spiritual components of cacao with the scientific research and discoveries of modern times. They are passionate about educating people about the many benefits of the most nutrient-dense plant on the planet; cacao! Read more about ceremonial grade cacao and its many benefits here.


Their mission is to provide high-quality ceremonial grade cacao to all Australians at an affordable price, whilst giving back to the farmers and the wider global community.

"Cacao Collective is you, me, and I - all people from all parts of this planet collectively sharing the human experience while enjoying the gift of cacao."

Giving Back Initiatives

Yasmin and Mitch believe in giving more than we take, fair trade and supporting our global community.

With their One Bag, One Meal Pledge, every bag of cacao sold equals one meal donated to a person in need. In 2021 they donated nearly 2 tonnes of food to Balinese communities in need. 

A portion of profits is also directed to the cacao farmers & their families to support their organic, sustainable farming practices as well as supporting a healthy, ethical supply chain from beginning to end. The funding they provide to farmers has helped the purchase of farming tools, equipment and education.

Fair Trade

The entire supply chain is fair trade, plus profits go back to supporting the farming families and communities. Ensuring this and valuing the farmers that harvest cacao is absolutely critical due to the nature of the cacao / chocolate industry. Many cacao farmers are exploited and experience extremely poor working conditions. Cacao Collective value fair trade and all contributors along their supply chain. For every bag you buy, you are helping to support the farmers that supply this beautiful cacao and you are casting a vote towards fair trade.


The packaging that Cacao Collective use is recycled plastic and is fully recyclable through the REDcycle Program (the soft plastics collection bin you see at your local supermarket). Yasmin and Mitch have been working on a home compostable packaging solution since their inception, however due to the current infrastructure and food industry in Australia this has not yet been possible. However they continue to work on this sustainable solution with the intent to implemented this when possible.

We (Candice and Dan) adore cacao and the many benefits she has brought into our lives. We are proud to partner with such a wonderful cacao brand that honours the sacredness of cacao throughout their business practices and partnerships. Explore the Cacao Collective range.    

The below photos are one of the farming families in Satipo, Peru. The Vivas family own 8 hectares of cacao trees and supply some of the cacao beans that are used to make Cacao Collective's cacao.

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