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A white table with Skin Glow loose leaf fair trade organic tea blend packet, loose on the table, a mortar and pestle and fresh herbs in vases behind
An Australian family owned and run business created by Naturopaths Emma and Damien. Their beautiful range of fair trade organic teas are skilfully crafted, blended and packed with intention and care in Melbourne. They care deeply about the impact of their choices on the world and care truly is, at the centre of their every action. Emma and Damien collaborate with growers and small scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source organic ingredients.
Each unique tea blend has been thoughtfully designed to ensure optimum therapeutic benefits, exceptional flavour and minimal impact on the environment. 
Love Tea founders Emma Watson and Damien Amos and their three children at a fair trade organic tea plantation suppler of theirs
Certified Organic
Love Tea products are not grown with synthetic fertilisers or herbicides, have no hidden ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and have no additives or artificial flavours. They simply contain pure and natural ingredients just as nature intended. Emma and Damien believe organic ingredients taste better, are better for your health and are better for the environment, and that's why they are certified organic by ACO Certification Ltd (Previously Australian Certified Organic). 
Fair trade
Love Tea believe trading fairly and with integrity, really should be the only way we work together as nations, organisations, human beings and inhabitants of Earth. They choose to fairly source the majority of ingredients directly from the growing communities and cooperatives who produce them. Love Tea pay additional above-market “fair trade” premiums at a farm level (which goes into a community run trust account where the community votes on needed projects) to empower growers and drive the sustainable development of the industry around the world. These farms are required to meet specific labour, environmental and production standards that are audited by Fairtrade international to receive the premium.
Environmental Responsibility
Love Tea conduct business in a way that is cohesive with the planet, making small operational choices every day that focus on having the very least amount of negative impact on the environment as possible.
  • Tea boxes are made from post-consumer recycled cardboard to reduce the amount of plantation timber utilised and aid in recycling the abundant amount of cardboard already produced (home compostable).
  • Print inks used are vegetable based, using no harmful solvents.
  • The clear pouch that holds all tea products is made from a plant based cellophane material called NatureFlex, using no fossil fuel based polypropylene (home compostable).
  • Pyramid tea bags are made from a biodegradable plant based material called Soilon which is not plastic (home compostable but over a longer period of time) - Eden Tree Eco stocks only the loose leaf variety as loose leaf provides the true essence of the tea and the least amount of environmental impact.
Business Operations
  • Shipping procedures include using quick to biodegrade kraft paper packing tape and post consumer recycled shipping boxes.
  • Buying pre-owned or secondhand office furniture and goods.
  • Partnership with 1% for the Planet - donating 1% of annual revenues to a range of environmental organisations. 
  • Organic certification with ACO Certification Ltd (Previously Australian Certified Organic).
  • Fair trade certification with Fairtrade Australia
  • Love Tea are also on their way to being carbon neutral and a certified B-Corp.
The Love Tea Story


Goal: "Our goal is to design products which support each individual on their journey to wellness, and ultimately help them become the best version of themselves. Our intention is to create products which offer optimum therapeutic benefit, whilst maintaining exceptional flavour".
Mission: "We exist to nurture the planet and its inhabitants. We nurture by creating space for generosity of heart to one’s self, one another and the planet. We create the space by providing products with therapeutic qualities at their core and care at the centre of our every action".
Vision: "Our vision is that the term organic is no longer relevant, as the only inputs used in agriculture are those from natural origins. That the term Fair trade is no longer needed, as all trade is conducted on principles of fairness and equality. That the everyday discussions are not based on asking if our impact on the environment is real or not, but rather what the solutions are for right now and how we make a positive difference going forward. Our vision is that slowing down, treasuring each moment, appreciating each other, taking care of our health, and in turn the health of our planet, has become our main priority".
Values: "From the very beginning, Love Tea was created with personal values distilled into purpose. Purpose to live by the values that we believe are inherent in all of us. To have a positive impact on the world we love and those we share it with. This very purpose manifests itself in the choices we make in our operations each day, in our supply chain, our certifications, partnerships and in our friendships".
We (Candice and Dan) are proud to be partnered with and official stockists of such an inspiring and heart-felt brand. We love these teas and the way this company does business. Explore the Love Tea range. 

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