Tribe Earth

Tribe Earth

Tribe Earth is an Australian owned and run family business, founded in 2003 by Kim and Gary Newton. They create wild crafted, handmade, organic and sustainable incense and natural oil products, and are based in Fremantle, WA. 

Kim and Gary are committed to sourcing the freshest, most potent, sustainably harvested plant ingredients. Most ingredients are sourced via direct trade, choosing locally grown ingredients wherever possible, or collected themselves, such as the gums/resins & barks! They have long term, direct friendships and partnerships with their suppliers. Tribe Earth's products are created with just plants, no glues or binders, no essential oils or extracts and no toxins or additives

They seek to create incense that frames the intelligence of the plants the traditional way, allowing the plant's own intelligence to communicate its message. This means time proven processing methods, that are mindful to maintain the vibration, spirit and unique chemistry of the plants. They grind the raw plant materials and combine them with filtered and ionised water (to remove toxins and carry the vibration of the plants), and a Japanese ceremonial plant called Makko. These are mixed together by hand to make a dough/paste, crafted into blocks and dehydrating at low temperatures over 24 hours to result in a potent incense plank.

"Take some time to create a ritual in your day, and let the spirit of the plants whisper their secrets to you."

Most of all, Kim and Gary want to expand ceremony and ritual across the planet and increase humanity's receptivity to the incredible wisdom and wildness of the plant kingdom. Their products are handmade with ceremony for ceremony. Their workshop and handmade processes include a sprinkling of conversation and mantra, and intention into each and every piece.

We (Candice and Dan) adore the love, craftsmanship, intention and reverence for the natural world that is poured into these incense planks. Explore Tribe Earth's incense range.  

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