The Missing Link to Health & Vitality; Fulvic Acid

The Missing Link to Health & Vitality; Fulvic Acid

Luis Pauling (1954 Nobel Prize winner) said that “every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic trace mineral deficiency.” 

When our bodies are mineral deficient, they do not complete the toxin detox processes that they are designed to do as efficiently as they should, i.e. removing heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, pollution, preservatives, parasites, chemicals and other waste products. It is when we replenish our bodies with trace minerals and support our detoxification pathways that these waste products are most effectively removed. This is the efficient natural body detox that happens all day every day, allowing the body to rebalance to an optimal homeostasis for our individual system. These trace minerals are essential for all living things.

So, how can we remineralise our bodies in the most effective way?

Fulvic acid both brings nutrients into the cells of the body to aid in the assimilation of the minerals, and assists to chelate (pull and bind) and remove toxins, to allow this natural detox process to take place. Fulvic acid is nanite in size and can move easily into cells and cross the blood brain barrier. Because of the way it bonds to nutrients (carrying up to 60x its molecular weight) it takes this nutrition into the cell, then bonds to waste products inside the cell and removes up to 60x its weight in toxins, heavy metals etc! 

Fulvic acid is derived from ‘humic substances’. Humic acid is the active plant base, containing the minerals, probiotics (good bacteria) and amino acids. These deposits are the remains of decomposed ancient forests that have been subjected to heat, pressure and microbial action over millions of years until they have broken down. Remineralising using the fundamental building blocks of life, optimising the body for repair and empowering it with the wisdom to regenerate itself. 

An easy way to supplement with pure fulvic/humic acid is through a Fulvic Liquid Supplement. We’ve noticed a dramatic shift in our health and wellbeing since introducing this into our routine. The Natural Edge's Fulvic Liquid Supplement has undergone significant testing, including the Lamar Test to evidence 33% Fulvic 22% Humic, with 150mg of fulvic/humic per serve - showing this product's value for money is many times that of similar named products.

***Fulvic acid is a food supplement and is not a medicine. We and Fulvic Acid Australia do not & can not make any health claims.***

Testing in Canada has shown that the Natural Edge's 'fulvic content' displays antiviral / immune modulating properties and their 'humic content' contains more antioxidant properties and showed support of mitochondrial metabolic activity (cellular energy production), while both reducing the levels of free radical formation by inflammatory cells (fulvic acid has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons, rendering free radicals harmless). Some researchers have also discovered fulvic has bio-stimulant properties, increasing energy, stamina, and endurance of living organisms. 

Some possible benefits that testing has shown to display:

  • Cell regeneration
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improved immune function
  • Hormone Balancing properties
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Gut health
  • Removal & detox from toxins, heavy metals, pesticides & other waste products
  • Reduce oxidative stress by boosting the body's supply of antioxidants 
  • Oxygenation of cells
  • Boost metabolism and energy
  • Improved brain / cognitive function
  • Hydration & body function: one of the most powerful electrolytes in existence
  • Anti-Fungal, anti-microbial & antiviral properties

Every person’s body is completely unique, only you know your body and what you require. Consult your health professional if you require it. 

This product is also symbiotic with nature, the environment and the ecosystem, being sourced and extracted from natural and replenishing sources in Canada (with the highest levels of fulvic acid in the world). It is Australian owned and bottled and packed in Australia.

We, and our bodies, love this product. As always, we promise to not stock or endorse any products or services that we do not personally use, love and wholeheartedly believe in and support. A very easy addition to your morning routine. We have ours (10ml/day) diluted in a big glass of water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to rehydrate and remineralise. Check out our recommended Fulvic Liquid Supplement.

Candice x

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