Eating Intuitively & Digestion Conditions

Eating Intuitively & Digestion Conditions

I’ve come to believe that only you know what is true for you, and that this comes down to absolutely everything, including food. 

There are so many variables when it comes to food, digestion and optimum body function/ health. I’m reluctant to use the word ‘healthy’, as I feel it has become so distorted. Instead, I'll use optimum - what is most conducive to a thrive state within your system, as every body is a complete and unique ecosystem. What is optimum for me and my body may not be for you, and further, what is optimum for me right now, may not be tomorrow. Being able to be fluid, but also conscious and connected to my body is key for me in navigating food and digestion. 

What we think and our mindset as we eat impacts how our bodies receive and integrate food. If I’m eating a so-called ‘healthy’ salad for lunch because I feel I have to, or I’m fighting cravings to stay disciplined on my ‘diet’, this salad will probably not be received well by my body. What we consume, becomes us. Our thoughts impact the world around us, including our food. Everything is energy and our consciousness and intention are powerful.

Next there are the conditions we eat in. Again, the conditions and circumstances that best support my digestive system may not be the same as what best support yours. For example, under the Human Design Primary Health System (PHS), my digestion type is Low Sound, i.e. peace and quiet. So for years I thought I had digestive issues and tried keeping food diaries to pinpoint the ‘issue’ foods to avoid, which I found impossible, as one day something would be fine and the next it wouldn't be. An easy example of this for me is eating out. If I’m in a loud and bustling restaurant with the music up high volume, this is not a supportive environment for me to eat in, and I will most likely have a digestive reaction no matter what I consume. Even the concept of talking over a meal is not something that comes naturally to me, or something I like to do. I prefer to eat my meals in silence, and even better, in nature. 

There are six primary digestive systems under PHS, each with two different processes – so that's twelve different possibilities for how your body may best digest! For example, the other process option for sound is high, so there are those that are the complete opposite to me, and their digestive systems function best when in noisy environments. The other options include hot and cold, light and dark, consecutive and alternating, open and closed (routine), and calm and nervous/busy. 

This is why there are no hard lines, no one truth for all. Whilst utilising knowledge from modalities like Human Design can offer helpful avenues to explore, it is through experimentation, discovery and intuition that we find what is best suited to us. While also still remaining fluid and flexible, ensuring we are listening to our bodies in every moment. 

Learning to live and eat intuitively takes time, experimentation and practice. A lot of us have been completely cut off from our bodies and intuition for a long time, and taught to seek answers outside of ourselves. If this is new to you, try giving your body a voice, and checking in with it in regards to everyday, seemingly simple decisions. Our body gives us little nudges all the time, it’s about paying attention and learning its language, and most importantly, learning to trust it and following our inner guidance system.

If you’d like to explore your Human Design PHS, pop your birth details in here and scroll down to ‘Digestion’. Read about your digestion type and experiment with it, see how eating that way feels and impacts your body. Another easy way to play with different foods is to energetically eat the meal you're thinking of preparing - bring that meal into your awareness and imagine/visualise eating it, how does your body respond? How do you feel?

As we pay more attention to what our body is asking for, there are more layers to be uncovered and opportunities to address unsupportive or sabotaging habits.

There are so many doorways to healing in everyday life, which we can integrate through awareness and the right tools.

And I think food is one of those doorways. So let's prepare & consume our food with intuition, awareness, intention, joy, creativity, inspiration & gratitude. 

Candice x

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