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Subpod home composter worm farm food waste box outside with organic compost and instructions

Did you know that if just 1% of Urban population started composting it would have the same impact as planting 3.3 billion trees?! It would be the equivalent to turning Sydney, Melbourne & Tasmania into dense forest and diverting more than 5 million tonnes of food waste from land fill every year!

Composting is something we are passionate about here at Eden Tree Eco, with the goal to help more families compost their food waste at home to divert organic matter from landfill. Food rotting in landfill releases methane (28x stronger than carbon dioxide) and it takes up to a whopping 25 years for a head of lettuce to decompose in landfill! This is because there is a lack of oxygen in landfills so the microbes that break down organic matter can’t do their jobs.

Composting is an incredible thing to do for the planet and has a big impact. Why add to the problem by tossing your scraps when there's such an awesome solution out there? The time to start composting at home is now! 

Check out our Composting Solutions page to start or expand your composting journey. The simple Subpod flat-pack design clicks together in five minutes. No tools required, just fold your Subpod out and click the lid into place. It will compost up to 20kg of food waste weekly, is quick and easy to maintain, and is mess and smell free. Subpod is the compost system for people who love simple.

Now, the top reasons why people aren't composting, with solutions! 

1. I live in an apartment

Composting in an apartment if you don't have a balcony is pretty tricky. But there are services like Share Waste that will collect your food waste and compost it for you. If you do have a balcony, there are options out there for you, such as subpod's Modbed, or the Composta. We also stock the Subpod Mini, which is a
 compact, flexible adaptation of original Subpod In-garden Compost System. The Mini has upgraded features like steel reinforced hinges and stylish locks; the ultimate compost system for smaller households.

2. I'm scared about smells

It's true that mismanaged compost can be pretty nasty smelling, but that's only something to worry about if your system has poor ventilation. Avoid traditional compost bins and tumblers, and go for Subpod – which has 360 degrees of ventilation built in!

3. I'm worried about bugs and flies taking over my garden

Composting will always encourage a little more insect activity. But 9 times out of 10, it will be activity that boosts the health of your garden, by improving the soil quality through diversity. You'll only run into trouble if your compost becomes imbalanced, and there are easy fixes if that happens.

4. I've tried before and failed... it was gross!

When traditional compost systems fail, it can be a catastrophic mess. Mistakes can happen with Subpod, too, but because it's underground your compost is much more insulated, and also better ventilated, meaning you have more time to adjust what you're doing before things get gross. Plus, you have worms on your side, and those little helpers make everything easier!

Check out our Composting Solutions page to start or expand your composting journey.

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