Sustainable Living In 5 Easy Steps

Sustainable Living In 5 Easy Steps

Making steps towards a sustainable life empowers you to take charge of the things that are within your control. Green Living is a choice we can all choose right now.  Here are five easy steps you can take on your path to sustainable living.

  1. Food waste is the world’s biggest contributor to landfill. There are many ways you can ´garden´ your way out of this scenario, such as growing your own leafy greens and salad veg – some of the most perishable items in your fridge. Consider some of the simple indoor growing solutions offered in our Culinary Grow Kit collection such as an UriPod, or for outside a raised garden bed or vegie patch to start reducing those food miles too. Setting up a worm farm and compost solution as offered by our range of Subpod's will deal with any other food waste AND make great fertiliser out of the worm tea and castings.  Perhaps consider a Subpod raised garden bed bundle to cover all bases.
  2. Habitat creation is one way we can all contribute to the well being of our fauna. Making safe havens at home by introducing water bowls for hydration, native flowers for nectar, grasses for seed and some dense, low shrubbery for shelter, as well as saving trees – especially those that have hollows, are key. You can plant your way to animal paradise and let them do the insect patrol.
  3. Detox your garden. Chemical warfare is unnecessary to out smart bugs or ensure healthy plants!  Approaches to gardening have changed dramatically over the last few decades, and there are plenty of eco-friendly options to protect your plants and stay one step ahead of any problems with clever practice. Give some thought as to how you fertilise your garden. Plant nutrition is a complicated mix of trace and macro elements, but also involves the act of good soil bacteria working to make nutrients available to plants. For this reason, the use of organic fertilisers is best practice for your gardens health and your own.  Direct message us if you'd like some suggested certified organic brand recommendations or the methods we personally use.
  4. Toxin Free Cleaning. Just like outside, indoors can be kept smicko with eco alternatives like essential oils, vinegar and baking powder. For centuries we used these to clean, growing herbs to help purify and cleanse our surroundings. We stock various safe and effective natural home cleaning products in our Happy Home collection, which even includes a DIY Natural cleaning products kit to help you commence your journey towards self sufficiency and sustainability.
  5. Indoor Plants.  While you’re inside, fill your home with plants and let them do the hard work removing toxins from the air. Plants are the ultimate air conditioners AND feel good companions, nurturing your well-being and your health. To help keep your plant babies happy and healthy we highly recommend the Munash Organics Plant Care Range we stock. Munash Organics are an Aussie farming family who are surprisingly one of very few that can boast plant care products that are all nutritional, certified organic, vegan and sustainable.

If you have any questions or need advice on anything mentioned in this article, or any other sustainable living topic we would love for you to reach out and connect with us.

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