Value Adding Versus Devaluing

Image displays title 'No Manipulative Marketing' and an image of a hand pouring a watering can over a grass turf patch with a sign saying Value, to express that Eden Tree Eco use Value Add, rather than devaluing sales in support of conscious consumerism.

We are all consumers. From the obvious necessities we purchase daily, to how we connect with the world and consume information. We consume every day and in every part of our lives.  We are not always consciously consuming however, and this is something Eden Tree Eco is on a mission to help change.  Through the planet-friendly goods we curate in our stop, the way we conduct business and live our lives, and the learnings we integrate and share. 

Specifically in this blog we shine some light on the manipulative nature of some commonly used marketing strategies and the alternatives we we have consciously chosen to adopt.

Firstly it should be expressed that we want our customers to enjoy their shopping experience in a mindful way, making purchases that are necessary and will bring them and their family joy.

This means we aren't in the business of encouraging you to purchase more unnecessarily, or trying to 'trick' you into spending more.

On the contrary, we want to support our conscious customers on their conscious consuming journey, benefiting all involved including the planet. A few important ways we do this:


You'll see all of our prices are rounded and transparent. We call a spade a spade; $9.99 is $10.


Whilst spending over a certain amount to get free shipping is not supportive of conscious consumerism, it is also an illusion. Shipping simply is not free. Small businesses have two options here; hide or incorporate the postage costs into the product price, or take the financial hit. Both of these options do not align with us or the vision we hold for heart-led business. We charge customers the true cost of shipping and packaging.


We will not lure you to our store or encourage excessive consumption in this way. We have quite an extensive list of criteria we check both our products and suppliers off against before we stock their goods. Our priority is to offer a curation of goods made intentionally with an emphasis on quality, transparency, sustainability and mindfulness. Our product prices reflect this, and we do not undervalue them and the work and soul that has gone into their creation.

No Price Manipulation

The value we add for our customers and the world at large is far more important to us than profit.  Although like all businesses we need to achieve profitability in order to maintain growth and longevity, we are frankly less concerned about how much money we are making, and more focused on how we can better serve people and the planet in more meaningful ways. We measure our success by the positive impact we have for the community, the inspiring people and brands we get to partner with, the knowledge that we gain, the joy we experience in our daily lives and the legacy we leave behind for future generations.💚   

We list all items we stock at the brands own RRP (rounded), and rather than discounting we look for ways to add extra value instead, which includes but is not limited to planting a tree for EVERY item purchased with🌳Watch here

Other alternatives to discounting we employ include; free hand delivery in our local area, complementary add-ons, exclusive loyalty offers for our online community members, passing on savings for customer bulk buy or subscription purchases, competition and collaboration prizes. 

We also encourage you to please let us know which products you’d like us to sell so we can better forecast demand, and mitigate some of the expense and risk of keeping excess inventory, so we can offer them to you at the lowest possible price.

On rare occasions you may discover items for brands we stock on sale by the brand itself to help liquidate old or excess inventory.  We will always endeavour to match these offers if brought to our attention, but can make no guarantees.

We want to change the world with our business. If you care about giving back to the community and our planet in the same way we do – then please consider us when conscientiously shopping. You can be confident that your purchase will give you a quality product, and help to make a genuine positive difference in many ways.

Learn more at 'About Us' on our website.

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