Mung Bean (Green Gram) Homemade Sprouts

Mung Bean Green Gram Homemard DIY Sprouts Finished And Ready In a  Mason Jar Outside In Nature
Have you made your own sprouts before at home? They are super easy and this recipe will take you through making your own mung bean, or whole green gram sprouts. No special equipment required and ready to eat in just a couple days!
Sprouting at home is also a very fulfilling and satisfying thing to learn, which saves money and packaging waste compared to buying in grocery stores. Not only economically and good for the environment, but more hygienic, chemical and toxin free and increased benefits due to freshness!
So firstly, what are some benefits of eating mung beans?
Mung means contain magnesium, antioxidants, B vitamins, folate, protein, fibre, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. This makes mung beans a health promoting food, aiding in blood circulation, healthy new cells, energy, lowering inflammation, maintaining a normal heart rate, bone health, immunity and skin health, among other benefits.
So, mung beans are rich in a number of important nutrients as discussed above, but why eat them in sprout form? They actually have higher amounts of these nutrients when compared to the fully-grown versions of the same plant! The lectins within the beans are also significantly reduced after the sprouting process.

What you'll need (makes 1L jar):

  • 1/2 cup whole organic mung beans (or whole green gram)
  • Glass bowl
  • A sieve or fine mesh strainer
  • 1L mason jar or similar sized jar with lid (you can even just use a bowl - use what you have!)

STEP 1: Measure out 1/2 cup of whole mung beans, pick out any stones or broken beans and discard

Mung Beans Preparing To Sprout At Home

STEP 2: Cover with water and rub to wash thoroughly, rinse using strainer and repeat at least 3 times - until the water runs clear

How to Wash Green Dram Mung Beans For Sprouting

STEP 3: Cover with water, pop your sieve over the top and soak overnight (don't completely cover as this may create an odour) 

Sprouting Mung Bean Green Dram Sprouts

In the morning you should see that the bean skins have split like this, which means they are ready for sprouting. If the skins have not split, they'll need to soak for longer...

Sprouting Mung Beans in A Bowl

STEP 4: Rinse your beans very well using the strainer and transfer to your jar

Mung Beans in A Jar For Sprouting

You only want to cover partially with the lid, allowing airflow... 

Mung Beans in A Jar For Sprouting

STEP 5: Put your jar in a dark and warm place, away from sunlight to sprout (I place mine in my bread cupboard)

Depending on your location and environment of your home, it can vary on length of time and number of times you'll need to rinse them. You want them to not dry out, but don't want any excess water in the jar. I rinse and return them to the jar each morning and night. I recommend keeping an eye on them your first batch and rinse or even spray with water as required. 

STEP 6: After 2 days of allowing them to sprout, my jar is full and looks like this...

Mung Bean Green Gram Homemard DIY Sprouts Finished

Rinse and repeat until you get your desired sprout length. The above is perfect for us and fills the jar. Avoid rinsing them when they are done sprouting, simply put the jar lid on and store them in the fridge, ready to adorn your next salad. They last 3-4 days in the fridge, so eat them whilst they are fresh! You can eat them raw or cooked (such as stir fry or steam).

Happy sprouting! 

Candice x

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