Turn your food waste into green space.

Create clean soil & grow fresh organic food

    Home Composting

    Revolutionary composting solutions that make green living easier regardless of where you live.  Simple, flexible and modern – browse our curation and pick the bundle or item that’s the right option for you.

    Expert Endorsements


    "When we feed soil we maximise food vitality & nutrient density. The Subpod incubates this. From your kitchen bench waste, to your garden & back to the food on your table. You can’t do it more efficiently"

    Geoff Lawton

    Leading Permaculture Expert


    "Subpod is one of those wonderful solutions that if enough people implemented this change it would have an enormous impact on our planet"

    Damon Gameau



    “Forget plastics – if you can’t deal with your food scraps, your greenhouse gas emissions are off the charts.”

    Kathryn Nelson



    "It's the easiest system you can imagine, even the kids know how to churn the worms"

    Courtney Adamo



    "Composting just got a bit more efficient! I highly recommend this... I'm looking forward to some really good harvest"

    Ashlie Thomas


    Meet Subpod Mini!

    For smaller households & inner-city living.