Milling made easy

Meet Mockmill

Mockmill was founded by German grain mill pioneer and world leading designer Wolfgang Mock to produce affordable, high quality countertop grain mills that empower anybody to easily mill incomparably flavorful, nutritionally superior whole grain flour, fresh at home from the entire cornucopia of grain varieties that are available.

The grain revolution is choice. The grain revolution is flavor. The grain revolution is health and nutrition. The grain revolution is here!

Join The Grain Revolution


    We offer the two most popular Mockmill models for you to choose from, and we've summarised the differences between them to help make your selection easier:

     Mockmill 100 Mockmill 200 PRO
    Mills 100g of flour/grain per minute Mills 200g of flour/grain per minute
    Can be run for up to 25 minutes before needing a 15 minute cool down period Can be run continuously with no cool down period required
    Renewable raw materials casing / look Wood and Arboblend® casing / look
    6 year private use warranty 12 year private use warranty
    No commercial warranty 2 year commercial warranty
    If you plan to only use it occasionally and for short bursts, the Mockmill 100 will be a great asset to your kitchen. If you want the benefit of fast and continuous milling for higher volumes, the Mockmill 200 PRO is an excellent investment.

    What Customers Are Saying!


    "I absolutely LOVE my Mockmill! You can go from just barely cracked grain all the way to fine flour, and everything in between. So many options! And the flavor of fresh-milled flour DOES live up to the hype! You have to try it for yourself to truly understand the difference."


    "My Mockmill has quickly become a workhorse in my kitchen, cranking out fresh flour on an almost daily basis. There’s simply no denying the flavor and nutrition freshly milled flour brings to my sourdough bread — I can’t get enough!"


    “The Mockmill is so pretty, compact, and tidy on my counter. If I need flour, I just put a bowl under the spout, turn it on, and pour in my grains! I love that it’s so clean and easy… and that the flours and cracked grains are the healthiest and freshest they could possibly be!”


    "I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new baking toy, the MockMill. It’s fantastic, better than I even hoped! I am excited about how fine and lovely the flour is from this mill and I love that it’s a standalone with its own motor."


    "Fresh milling local grains, seeds and even produce has opened me to a whole new world of flavor, texture, and colour. The new Mockmill is a game changer – a superior machine at a no-brainer price point."

    Just some of many things you can mill.

    Enjoy watching the Mockmill in action.