A Gift Of Seeds - Happy Birthday Picnic Seeds & Card
A Gift Of Seeds - Happy Birthday Picnic Seeds & Card
A Gift Of Seeds - Happy Birthday Picnic Seeds & Card
A Gift Of Seeds - Happy Birthday Picnic Seeds & Card
A Gift Of Seeds - Happy Birthday Picnic Seeds & Card

A Gift Of Seeds - Happy Birthday Picnic Seeds & Card

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Give the gift of seeds and growth with this beautiful and unique gift and card

Dream up a birthday spent in a beautiful garden, on a picnic rug, surrounded by flowers with cakes and friends. This Happy Birthday Picnic Gift of Seeds evokes exactly that.

A greeting card and gift in one eco friendly package, containing a bright mix of Snapdragon, Cosmos and Cornflower seeds. The lucky recipient can grow their own birthday delight. Each seed in this trio is quick and easy to grow, providing endless pops of colour to both gardens as well as pot and containers.

There is space on the back to write a message, a plant label is included as part of the packaging and each Gift of Seeds comes with a brown recycled kraft envelope for mailing. 

Featuring an illustration by Melbourne artist Daniella Germain, this gift and card in one is plastic free and made in Australia from 100% recycled card.

Seed varieties:

  1. Snapdragon (Antirrhium): Snapdragons, also known as dragon flowers, are a beautiful species of flower which resemble the face of a dragon that opens and closes it’s mouth when laterally squeezed! Snapdragons bloom in clusters from the bottom to the top on a spike like stem. They are very easy to grow and produce bright coloured, long lasting flowers! The perfect time to sow seeds is in late winter. The seeds should be sprinkled in a sunny position, either in a pot or a garden bed, and covered with only a very thin layer of soil as they need light to encourage germination.

  2. Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus): Cosmos are the seed for those who think they can’t grow anything. They don’t mind poor soil, thrive in hot dry conditions and are happy grown in pots or direct in the garden. These bright, delicate, daisy like flowers are almost fluro in colour and will attract butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects to the garden. Sow seed in spring & summer at a depth of around 5mm and keep moist until the seed has germinated. While they don’t need a lot of water once established, water regularly to ensure an abundant supply of blooms.

  3. Cornflower (Centaurea Cyanus): Cornflower will grow into gorgeous edible flowers that will also add bright pops of colour to your garden. Sow seeds in spring and summer in full sun. Bury individual seeds as deep as their height and ensure that soil is kept moist. These flowers are happy in gardens, pots and even indoors.


Seeds can either be started indoors in smaller seedling trays or pots, then transplanted to garden beds or bigger pots outdoors when they are ready. Or you can sow seeds directly to grow. Direct sowing is less controlled so sometimes you’ll get beautiful strong seedlings & other times find birds have eaten the seeds before they’ve had a chance to germinate.

We suggest giving both methods a try. Sow ‘n Sow seed packets provide ample seeds for trying both so why not bury a few in a prepared bed as well as starting a few indoors in pots or seedling trays.  


If you’d like any tips on starting your seeds indoors or direct sowing please feel free to connect with us through www.edentree.com.au and we would be delighted to share some recommended steps. 

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