Black Tourmaline Bath Soak

Black Tourmaline Bath Soak

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Cleanse and renew your energy field and set energetic boundaries

Cleansing and renewing, this woodsy scented bath soak is designed with the crystal essence of Black Tourmaline to serve as a ritual of clearing the energetic field of all that is not in your highest good. A handcrafted, naturopath formulated blend of Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salts, doused with activated charcoal and hibiscus petals for a luxurious soak.

The mystical black tourmaline is said to support your auric field so that you can remain calm and grounded in your power. This energy cleanser is also said to enforce energetic boundaries with others whilst giving yourself space to release anything that is holding you back. Bathing in the power of Black Tourmaline crystal essence may provide energetic cleansing, chakra cleansing and release of negative energies.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Activated Charcoal, Hibiscus, essential oils of Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Black Tourmaline Crystal Essence (all natural, vegan and toxin-free)

500g glass jar = 4 baths

This blend is potent so you only need a small amount (roughly 1/2 cup). Each soak comes with a small, natural bag at the top of the bottle, so if you want to minimise the clean up afterwards you can place your soak in the bag to keep it contained while bathing. You could also use smaller amounts and enjoy foot soaks. 

Medicinal and magical properties together, create a potion that works on the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. With its unique purpose and intention, this bath soak is considered for its colour therapy, aromatherapy, vibrational frequency and the synergy that all parts create as a whole. 

  • Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salt:¬†Cleanses the physical and energetic body as well as provides an abundance of mineral enrichment for the body.

  • Activated Charcoal:¬†Detoxifying, draws impurities from the skin

  • Hibiscus:¬†High antioxidant benefits, promotes blood flow to¬†assist with flushing out¬†anything that¬†needs to be released

  • Clary Sage:¬†Embodying the essence of femininity, Clary sage¬†promotes lightness within the body. It balances oil production in the hair and skin which brings out the inner glow of the goddess.

  • Sandalwood:¬†Sandalwood is a grounding essence that anoints one with a sense of emotional renewal. The sweet woody notes also hold¬†anti-viral properties particularly for¬†the skin; which act to cleanse, soothe and tighten skin.

  • Cedarwood:¬†A warm and¬†comforting oil, Cedarwood instantly transports you to the heart of a forest. This oil goes deep and helps to open up all chakras,¬†particularly the¬†base chakra to¬†create a sense of grounding within the mind and body

  • Frankincense:¬†One of the most notable benefits of Frankincense is its¬†ability to assist and repair the body down to a cellular level;¬†infusing calm within the mind and ¬†rejuvenation within the¬†joints and muscles.

Bathing Ritual/Ceremony: Run yourself a warm bath and pour 1/2 cup of your soak into the water, allowing the salts to dissolve. Set the intention for the black tourmaline to hold energetic space for you to let go, release and clear your field. You might like to think of something you need to release, then close your eyes and bring this into your awareness. Allow it to dissolve, burn or float away as you breathe. Ground in your presence, feeling the space you have created for yourself, and within this space commit to moving forward and starting fresh.

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