Sacred Cacao Starter Bundle
Sacred Cacao Starter Bundle

Sacred Cacao Starter Bundle

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A collection of sacred ritual products to experience the magic of cacao ceremony

  1. 250g Ceremonial-Grade Cacao
  2. 10ml Space Clearing Aromatherapy Blend - a sage wand in a bottle to diffuse and cleanse yourself and environment
  3. 3x intuitively chosen Handmade Incense Planks (approximately 9-12 uses/sessions)  please note these are fragile and prone to breakage on route, however you break off a piece to burn regardless 
  4. An intuitively chosen crystal to work with - there are many crystal type options and Candice will choose for the recipient 
  5. 33min guided Cacao Ceremony recording by Candice

You can read more about these beautiful products by following the links above.

Everything you need to sit in ceremony with cacao and in sacred space to journey into yourself / your heart. A divine experience you can enjoy in your own home. 

This Sacred Cacao Starter Bundle comes in a minimalistic, plastic-free eco gift box (100% home compostable packaging and shipping).

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