Calm and Soothed Bundle
Calm and Soothed Bundle
Calm and Soothed Bundle

Calm and Soothed Bundle

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Calm and soothe your body, mind and soul

  1. 50g Calming Loose Leaf Tea
  2. Stress Bath or Foot Soak (enough for 4 baths, or many foot soaks)
  3. Little Box of Happy and Calm - includes 1x 14ml Happy & Calm Aromatherapy Pulse Point and 1x 50ml Happy & Calm Aromatic Mist
  4. An intuitively chosen soothing thumb crystal - these stones have a thumb groove in them which is incredibly soothing to hold and rub your thumb (Candice will intuitively choose the crystal type for the recipient)

You can read more about these beautiful products by following the links above.

This collection of products are designed to naturally calm the body, reconnect with yourself and the present moment and bring forth inner joy.

This Calm and Soothed Bundle comes in a minimalistic, plastic-free eco gift box (100% home compostable packaging and shipping).

New to loose leaf tea? Loose leaf tea provides the true essence and flavours of nature, whilst having the least amount of environmental impact. Brewed easily with this Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser.

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