Chakra Essential Oil Blends Kit

Chakra Essential Oil Blends Kit

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Harmonise your mind, body and spirit based on the seven energy centres, the chakras, with seven chakra essential oil blends in this kit. 

Use the chakra essential oil blends as tools to balance the energy of your chakras, supporting your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The seven individual blends allow you to specifically address any chakra imbalances as they occur and support your journey of self-discovery.

This kit contains seven (7) 5ml chakra blends made from the finest quality, aromatherapy-grade, pure essential oils:

  • Balance blend: base chakra
  • Allure blend: sacral chakra
  • Harmony blend: solar plexus chakra
  • Compassion blend: heart chakra
  • Expressive blend: throat chakra
  • Insight blend: third eye chakra
  • Cosmic blend: crown chakra

Practical Guide to Chakras and Aromatherapy Booklet. A PDF prepared by Perfect Potion's co-founder Salvatore Battaglia, exploring vibrational energy, subtle aromatherapy, the basics of chakras, how to use chakra essential oil blends and other chakra balancing tips.

Add 5-7 drops of your favourite chakra blend to your diffuser, add 5 drops to every 10ml of carrier oil to use as a massage oil, anoint or inhale directly from the bottle. Use the Chakra blends intuitively or utilise the informative booklet provided. 

Read about Perfect Potion, the faces behind this beautiful brand, their story and their inspiring sustainability initiatives.

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