Dish Brush Replacement Head
Dish Brush Replacement Head

Dish Brush Replacement Head

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A effective and zero waste way to cleaning your dishes, this dish brush is tough on grime but kind on the planet!

A replacement head for the Dish Brush. Simply keep the handle and switch out the head as needed. Previous head can be popped in your compost bin to return to the Earth, bristles and all.  


  • Materials: Bamboo head (home compostable), sisal bristles (home compostable)
  • Unvarnished wood to eliminate chemicals from the production process, ensure compost compatible and to prevent brushes from slipping out of wet hands


  1. Squeeze the two wires at neck of brush together to loosen the metal grip around head and allow clasp to slide towards handle.
  2. Stretch wires apart to insert new head into the handle. Pliers may be needed to do this the first time. 
  3. Once the replacement brush head is in place, squeeze wires back together and push metal clasp back up to the top to secure. You're ready to go!

CARE - to get the most out of your brush and ensure longevity:

  • Must be able to dry between uses (do not leave sitting in water). We have ours hanging up by the loop on a hook - this in our experience has been the best storage method 
  • Handles can be treated with wood oil or wax if desired
  • Natural signs of aging will occur over time from exposure to water, minerals within water and dish washing liquid. Wood oxidation (dark spots/discolouration), cracks/splits in the wood and bristle loss are possible and do not impact functionality. Wood is a natural product and the compostable nature of this brush is what makes it such a great zero waste kitchen essential.

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