Dishwasher Powder - Lemon Myrtle & Lime

Dishwasher Powder - Lemon Myrtle & Lime

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Effective dishwasher powder that safe for people and the planet - including grey water and septic systems

This all natural, toxic free, biodegradable, eco dishwasher powder leaves your dishes sparkling without leaving any chemical nasties on your dishes.

It is also ultra concentrated, making it very economical. One pouch will give you approximately 160 washes!

An all natural, family-made product in the green and serene Kin Kin, Queensland.


  • Toxin free, no harsh chemicals and fillers, no  phosphate or high alkalinity
  • All natural, plant and mineral based
  • Skin friendly: no SLS, LAS or any toxic or skin sensitising ingredients
  • Fresh lime and Australian lemon myrtle scent
  • Concentrated, meaning you use less and save more 
  • Septic & grey water system safe, biodegradable
  • Contains no phosphorus and leaves no harmful residues
  • Free from 'alcohol ethoxylate', a harmful substance to soil and aquatic organisms that is found in other dishwasher products

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium citrate (citrus based water softener), sodium percarbonate (oxygen releasing soda), sodium silicate (glass protection mineral), sodium gluconate (glucose derived anti-spotting agent), enzymes, organic lemon myrtle essential oil, lime essential oil.

How to Use: Being ultra concentrated, use only 3/4 tablespoon per dishwasher load.

Note: This packaging is not designed to hold the contents after opening - transfer dishwasher powder into a moisture proof container once opened. Due to needing to protect the hygroscopic dishwasher powder from going bad (humidity from the air causes it to lose functionality and create residue issues in the dishwasher), a thin protective layer of metallised film/plastic is used inside the paper pouch - thus the pouch is general waste. Kin Kin have investigated and concluded these pouches are the least wasteful way of packaging at this time, but it is an area of development and improvement as more options become available in the Australian market. 

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