Fulvic Liquid Supplement
Fulvic Liquid Supplement
Fulvic Liquid Supplement
Fulvic Liquid Supplement
Fulvic Liquid Supplement

Fulvic Liquid Supplement

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Fulvic & Humic Superfood ~ A Multi-Mineral Nutrient, Essential for Life & Vitality

An extremely high grade multi-mineral supplement carrying a rich source of natural minerals, trace elements, fulvic (33%), humic (22%) and amino acids used for mineral supplementation that supports general health. These trace minerals are essential for all living things.

Derived using cutting edge technology which relies on physical, not chemical methods, thus extracting the purest and cleanest fulvic. Australian owned, bottled and packed in Australia with Canadian ingredients. 

Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis Water Humic Mineral Complexes, 150mg of fulvic/humic per serve. 33% Fulvic 22% Humic (undergone testing using The Lamar Test to evidence potency, showing this products value for money is many times that of similar named products).

One 300ml bottle is a 30 day supply based on suggested 10ml per day dosage. Can be taken undiluted or mixed with filtered water, fruit juice or smoothie. 

Buy 5 and receive the 6th free (must select the 6 bottles option to receive discount) and this option also includes shipping! No shipping costs allocated to the 6 bottles option.  

Fulvic Acid is derived from ‘humic substances’. These deposits are the remains of decomposed ancient forests that have been subjected to heat, pressure and microbial action over millions of years until they have broken down. A natural superfood which may help achieve the nutritional goals of fulvic, humic, essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids that are lacking in the modern day diets of many. 

Read our blog The Missing Link to Health & Vitality; Fulvic Acid to learn more about Fulvic acid and the possible benefits to you and your body.

***Fulvic is a food supplement and is not a medicine. We and Fulvic Acid Australia do not & can not make any health claims.***

Please note that when purchasing the 6 bottles option, this is dispatched directly from our supplier in order to reduce carbon emissions. 

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