Gut Bath Soak
Gut Bath Soak

Gut Bath Soak

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Grounding into your deeper wisdom

The woodsy, herbal notes of this naturopath formulated blend allude to the potent medicinal properties in this handmade soak. The grounding and warmth of Sage, Myrrh and Sandalwood reduce inflammation and stimulate movement in stagnant areas of the body to aid in digestion and assimilating nutrients. Targeting the gut, this soak is wonderful for grounding and tapping into the deeper wisdom of the body. 

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sage, Violet, Myrrh and Essential oils of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Frankincense (all natural, vegan and toxin-free)

500g glass jar = 4 baths

This blend is potent so you only need a small amount (roughly 1/2 cup). Each soak comes with a small, natural bag at the top of the bottle, so if you want to minimise the clean up afterwards you can place your soak in the bag to keep it contained while bathing. You could also use smaller amounts and enjoy foot soaks. 

Medicinal and magical properties together, create a potion that works on the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. With its unique purpose and intention, this bath soak is considered for its colour therapy, aromatherapy, vibrational frequency and the synergy that all parts create as a whole. 

For the physical body For the energetic body
Epsom Salt & Pink Himalayan Salt To remineralise & increase uptake of herbs into the body Cleanses the aura of negative energies
Sage Stimulates and improves the digestion Grounds and cleanses the energetic body
Violet Reduces swelling in an irritated digestive tract Self liberation and connection to deeper wisdom
Myrrh Supports the mucous lining around the gut to reduce inflammation Enhances conscious awareness
Sandalwood Grounding and cleansing to the digestive system Base chakra connection and support
Patchouli Nurtures an overactive nervous system Inner peace and past life regression
Cedarwood Warming and grounding for the body Calms the mind and clears energetic blockages
Frankincense Rejuvenates on a cellular level Connection to ancestral past and a higher light


Bathing Ritual/Ceremony: Using 1/2 cup of bath soak, prepare your warm bath and immerse yourself with the intention to cleanse your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Pour water lovingly over your body and take deep breaths to allow yourself to ground and relax into releasing unwanted thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

Read about Daylesford Apothecary, the face behind this beautiful brand and her story. 

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