Indoor Plant Soil Food 400g
Indoor Plant Soil Food 400g
Indoor Plant Soil Food 400g

Indoor Plant Soil Food 400g

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Designed & made with love by an Aussie farming family for you and yours.

Easy to Use, Certified Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free, Recyclable packaging, 100% natural Australian materials and proudly produced by the fabulous Munash Organics green team in Ballarat, Central Victoria.

Munash Organics constantly strive to achieve the necessary balance between essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients, ensuring a holistic energy balance between soil, plants and people.

Let's talk healthy soil:
Munash Organics have carefully crafted this natural soil food that is suitable and nourishing for use in all soil blends and plant types, and especially loved by indoor plants. 

Containing a granular rock mineral, this blend consisting of 67 life giving minerals that feed the millions of hungry bacteria and microbes in the soil.  The soil acts like our gut and processes all the food for the plants.  Keeping soil biology well fed and mineral goodness in your potting mix assists in keep any unwanted bugs away, and also ensures your plants thrive as they would if growing in the wild.  

Munash Organics natural rock minerals are derived from the pristine volcanic deposits in Central Victoria.

This highly nutritional soil food is a slow release formula which means it feeds little and often, keeping your plants happy and fed regularly. It does not wash out when you water.

Ingredients: 67 sustainably sourced rock minerals with natural microbes

Directions for Use: Sprinkle a good pinch (1 teaspoon) on the top of the soil and gently blend in to surface soil. Repeat every 2-3months (lasts ages!).

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