Matcha Loose Leaf Tea
Matcha Loose Leaf Tea
Matcha Loose Leaf Tea

Matcha Loose Leaf Tea

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Traditional Japanese Matcha tea, rich in antioxidants and vitality

Matcha is a powdered green tea that has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies for hundreds of years. Rich in antioxidants, this 75g (~75 cups) organic matcha offers amazing benefits including a mildly uplifting effect, due to its caffeine content, which is slowly released, providing a more consistent release of energy. A superior grade matcha with an emerald green appearance and a sweet grassy taste, with a delicate and creamy texture.

Certified Organic Ingredients: Japanese matcha tea (Camellia sinensis)

Brewing: Gently sift 1–2 grams (½–1 tsp) of matcha into a bowl. Add 40–100ml of hot water to the bowl at approximately 70ºc–80ºc. Whisk matcha and water together in a steady back and forward motion. Gently pop any large bubbles with your whisk, and enjoy.

Origin: Sourced from Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. Hand packed with care in Victoria, Australia.

  • Tea boxes are made from post-consumer recycled cardboard (home compostable)
  • Print inks used are vegetable based

Read about Love Tea, the faces behind this brand, their story and their inspiring, ethical business practices.  

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