The Mockmill 200 PRO professional MOCK wooden flour and grain mill for personal use on a wooden kitchen table with a jar of brown rice and freshly milled ground brown rice flour and some dough
The Mockmill 200 PRO professional MOCK wooden look appliance on a white background
The Mockmill 200 PRO professional MOCK wood appliance with wheat grains in the hopper / top and a white bowl of freshly milled ground flour
A table and list of herbs, spices, seeds, grains and legumes that can be put through the Mockmill 100 MOCK to mill and produce flour
Two grinding mechanisms of corundum-ceramic milling stones (ø 90 mm) , precision engineered, self-sharpening, almost as hard as diamonds, and treated reasonably, they will last longer than we know how to count used to mill and ground in the Mockmill 100 and Mockmill 200 PRO

Mockmill 200 Professional Flour & Grain Mill

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Stone mill for wheat, grains, pulses & spices. Put fresh flour in your life and get the most out of your grains.

Cooking and baking with fresh and local ingredients is pure joy. Freshly milled grains take your cooking and baking to the next level. Fresh is best, and milling your own grains means you can ensure you are using the highest quality grains and keep all the valuable grain components. Discover the variety, energy and flavour in freshly milled grains for yourself!

Did you know that flour starts to loose nutrients after being milled, and the natural oils it contains start to become rancid if the flour is stored at room temperature?

Within 24 hours of being milled, whole wheat flour looses as much as 45% of its nutrients to oxidation. And in only 3 days, up to 90% of the nutrients are lost! Now think of all the flour that sits in bags in shipping containers, warehouses, and on store shelves for months before you buy it...

Easily grind your own wheat at home and reap the benefits of using absolutely fresh flour in your baking. Grind it right before adding to your recipe! You can grind a whole range of dry ingredients (see the list pictured).

Key Features:

  • Nonstop milling possible - highest milling power for professionals/bakeries/restaurants or at home bakers/cooks that desire quantities of flour quickly and frequently 
  • Freshly mill any DRY grain, pulse or spice you want (see the list pictured)
  • Easy to operate, maintain and clean
  • Easy settings adjustment for very fine to coarse milling grades
  • Optimised milling surface for particularly fine flour
  • Produces approximately 200g of soft wheat / minute (double the amount of the Mockmill 100)
  • Gluten-free delivery
  • Sturdy industrial motor
  • Casing made from wood and Arboblend®
  • Quality Made in Germany - German Innovation Award Winner
  • 2-year warranty for Commercial use
  • 12-year warranty for Private/Domestic use

Technical Details:

  • Hopper capacity (wheat): 1300g
  • Grinding mechanism: corundum-ceramic milling stones (ø 90 mm), precision engineered, self-sharpening, almost as hard as diamonds, and treated reasonably, they will last longer than we know how to count
  • Milling grades: variable, ranging from very fine to coarse depending on the setting chosen
  • 600W power engine
  • Industrial motor: 230 V (50 Hz) approx. 1 300 rpm; 110 V (60 Hz) approx. 1 500 rpm
  • Grinding efficiency (wheat): 200g/minute
  • Weight: 11.8kgs
  • Dimensions(cm): 29(L) x 26(W) x 44H)
  • Cable length: approx 150cm 

View the Mockmill Milling Table.

Please note that this Mockmill is dispatched directly from our supplier, in order to reduce carbon emissions. As such, we cannot ship this product with our plastic free guarantee. Shipping is calculated using current Australia Post shipping rates based on your location when you enter your address at checkout. 

Check out the brand story behind the Mockmill brand, Wolfgang Mock and the journey of the mills to Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Mockmill? See below for answers to common questions. If yours isn't there, reach out to us - we'd love to hear from you and help in any way we can.

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The Mockmill 100 mills 100 grams of product per minute. The Mockmill PRO 200 mills 200 grams of product per minute, however this mill can be run continuously throughout the day with no cool
down period. The Mockmill 100 can be run for up to 25 minutes before needing a 15 minute cool down period.

The Mockmill 100 comes with a 6 year warranty for non-commercial use. The Mockmill 200 PRO comes with a 2 year warranty for commercial use and 12 year warranty for domestic use.

Yes, Australia wide shipping is available. This is calculated using the most up to date Australia Post rates. Once you put your address into the checkout, this will be calculated based on your location.

Any grain or product that has a high fat content cannot be run through the mill, as well as popcorn kernels and any ‘wet’ products. Everything listed in the table pictured can be put through the mill.

This will largely depend on how often you will use your flour mill and your budget. If you plan to only use it occasionally and for short bursts, the Mockmill 100 will be a great asset to your kitchen. If you want the benefit of fast and continuous milling for more frequency use and higher volumes, the Mockmill 200 PRO is an excellent investment.

No, it does not. As the Mockmill is classified as an appliance, servicing is not required.

In the unlikely event of experiencing a fault or issue with the Mockmill, Vanrooy (the only authorised distributor of Mockmill's in Australia) will be able to help you. They do also carry spare parts should you ever need a replacement part.

Refunds and returns cannot be accepted once the box has been opened.