Veggie Scrubber
Veggie Scrubber

Veggie Scrubber

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A effective and zero waste way to cleaning your veggies, this veggie scrubber is tough on dirt but kind on the planet!


  • Materials: Bamboo handle (home compostable), Sisal (plant fibre) bristles (home compostable)
  • Unvarnished wood to eliminate chemicals from the production process, ensure compost compatible and to prevent brush from slipping out of wet hands

CARE - to get the most out of your scrubber and ensure longevity:

  • Must be able to dry between uses (do not leave sitting in water!)
  • Stand brush upright on its bristles, or on it's side between uses to encourage any residual water to drain away 
  • Handle can be treated with wood oil or wax if desired
  • Natural signs of ageing will occur over time from exposure to water, minerals within water and dish washing liquid. Wood oxidation (dark spots/discolouration), cracks/splits in the wood and bristle loss are possible and do not impact functionality. Wood is a natural product and the compostable nature of this brush is what makes it such a great zero waste kitchen essential.

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