Australian Natural Soap Company

Australian Natural Soap Company

Meet the Australian Natural Soap Company (ANSC).  An Australian company that wants to redefine the way you think and feel about soap.

Emma Cook, Founder of the Australian Natural Soap Company

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During Australian outback adventures as a video journalist, Emma Cook -Founder of Australian Natural Soap Company, discovered the profoundly restorative power of our native plants and natural ingredients. Together with her husband Anthony, a doctor with an impeccable nose for fine scents, they dreamt of sharing this natural goodness with the world.

 In 2013 they founded the Australian Natural Soap Company with a clear mission to:

• Celebrate the revitalising properties of essential oils and plant oils

• Pare back skin care to its natural nurturing simplicity

• Redefine how people think and feel about soap

• Help people live more sustainably

They went on to create their marvelous moisturising, minimally packaged soaps. Made of premium plant oils. Scented with pure steam-distilled essential oils.

The Value Proposition:

• Australian Made & Owned

• Sustainable Packaging

• Sustainably Sourced

• Natural Ingredients

• Pure Steam-distilled Essential Oil

• Palm Oil Free & Vegan

• Nondrying

• Pure Plant Oil

• Unique slow-set, cold-pressed manufacturing method that retains the integrity of the plant oil.


The ANSC honor the future of our planet and its people.

1. Their entire line is non-toxic, certified palm oil-free, cruelty-free, and chemical-free.

2. They donated over $45,000 to the Orangutan Project to help fund rainforest protection, orphan reintroduction and orangutan conservation.

3. They’re extremely proud to have collaborated with Daphne Marks, an Ikuntji artist, on their Australia Bush range. 15% of each sale goes to Daphne.

4. They often donate products to vulnerable communities, as everybody deserves to have access to essential personal care and hygiene products.


The ANSC Ingredient Philosophy is Nature knows best. Australian plants power their entire range. Not parabens, sulfates, fake fragrances, preservatives, petrochemicals or microplastics. 95% of their ingredients used are Australian. They only source ingredients from overseas when that ingredient isn’t produced in Australia.

Visit our Toxin Free Head To Toe collection to further explore the ANSC products we have in stock and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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