Eden Tree Eco - Co-Creators walking hand in hand against the backdrop of a beautiful tree overlooking a fantastical landscape.

What We Do

We inspire and support people to live more consciously and achieve personal wellness, by sharing helpful information and offering a curation of various goods made with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and mindfulness by local artisans, ecopreneurs and Australian owned brands we have come to adore, who like us care for the future of the world we live in.

Meet the Co-Creators

We are Dan & Candice Kennedy, husband & wife nature lovers who enjoy a sustainable, regenerative lifestyle from our home nestled beside a rainforest nature reserve in rural Maleny, on the Sunshine Coast. We are so very happy you have found your way here and we look forward to delighting you with our personalised service and offerings aimed at supporting you to live well, feel good and do good.

Eden Tree Eco - Co-Creators Candice and Dan Kennedy
Dan and Candice Kennedy, Co-creators of Eden Tree Eco sitting together hand in hand in grass with a back drop of One Tree Hill under a violet dusk sky.

Our Mission

We aspire to be a voice for the environment and animals, and to make it easier for passionate and caring conscious consumers, to purchase responsibly, congruent to a healthy and holistic lifestyle, and for the betterment of this shared planet we call home.

Why Choose Us?

When you shop with us you're planting a forest. For every item you buy we plant a tree with OneTreePlanted.Org

We also give to other causes close to our hearts, as do our suppliers, which means your purchases create multiple positive ripples out into the world.

Why One Tree Planted? Watch.

We and all the brands we showcase are Aussie owned. Most of the products we retail are locally made too. It's only items that contain non-native botanical ingredients, or require speciality manufacturing not yet available in Australia that aren't. Supporting local is better for people & planet.

Why Localization? Watch.
Icon representing Eden Tree Eco promises 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery.

We use Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral, B Corp listed, delivery service Sendle.

We also arrange for some goods to be dispatched directly from our suppliers to further minimise CO2e emissions, and 'offset' by supporting emission reduction & clean energy initiatives.

Icon representing Eden Tree Eco only offer quality items they have extensively researched & tested that are ethically & sustainably made and traceable throughout the supply chain. "No Greenwashing"

"No Greenwashing" We've been living a conscious lifestyle for years now and have spent extensive time deciphering labels and investigating brands. We only offer quality items that are ethically and sustainably made and traceable throughout the supply chain. Everything we stock we use ourselves.

Eden Tree Eco is Cruelty Free & predominately Vegan and owned & run by Vegan founders.

We've thoroughly vetted every product you'll find in our store to ensure they are ethical, effective and kind to animals, the environment and you. And whilst more than 99% of our offerings can be classified as Vegan. The very few that aren't are clearly labeled, with a transparent explanation of why in their description.

In nature everything has a life cycle & nothing is wasted. The Circular Economy aspires to the same to combat the throw-away society. If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.

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Banner introducing the meaning behind the Eden Tree Eco name.  Images of energy efficiency and green eco-friendly nature.


The word Eden is widely associated with Paradise or Utopia because of its use in the theological story of the Garden of Eden. Although no religious connotations are intended, our vision similarly is one of an Earthly Paradise. A community where people are connected with each other and the natural world, exploring ways to achieve a more harmonious and brighter future, is ultimately the intention of what our products, services and ethos aim to support.


Throughout history the Tree has commonly represented physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation, liberation, wisdom, union, fertility and prosperity. These leafy green giants are seen as powerful symbols of growth and resurrection. Trees are vital to the planet, and without them we wouldn’t be here. They give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and support the world's wildlife.


Eco, relates to the science of ecology or the patterns of relationships between living things and their environment. An eco-friendly person (our valued community) endeavours to reuse, recycle and reduce waste disposal in their lives. They conserve energy and natural resources, and they are conscious of the impact their actions have on others, and the planet's ecosystems.

Eden Tree Eco standard logo with slogan Ease, Flow & Ways to Grow.

Our Symbolic Logo

The Eden Tree Eco Logo represents looking through a window to see a brighter future for all life on our planet. The heart symbol placed across the tree icon expresses the love and compassion at the core of all our activities, whilst the halo circling the trees crown represents unity consciousness radiating out into a celestial adorned cosmos. The sacred geometry circles found within the image are also representative of the cycle of life, community, circular economy, freedom and continual evolution.

Thank You!

Our vision is a world where people not only live healthier lives in balance with nature, but help each other and the planet to thrive. The fact that you are here suggests you want for the same and we are grateful to have you join us on the journey. It is our intention to continually grow a community of heart-centred changemakers like you to multiply our collective impact. Imagine what we can accomplish TOGETHER when we place conscious actions at the core of every decision. Please assist us by spreading the word and sharing the love to create positive ripples forward in time x

Eden Tree Eco slogan Ease, Flow & Ways to Grow, presented with image of a tree growing from a Earth globe with a heart symbol next to it.

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