Sensational Sourdough

    Experience the joy of baking your own nutrient-packed sourdough bread, free from questionable store-bought ingredients. Join the sourdough revival and discover the incredible taste and health benefits of this ancient bread. Start your journey today!

    What Customers Are Saying!


    "I bought the sourdough starter kit for my wife after she had tried unsuccessfully to make sourdough several times. She was weary of trying again. The bread turned out wonderful, nice crispy crist and soft on the inside. Yum!!"


    "Believe me when I say, this is the easiest possible way to make sourdough. Not only is it a super simple process, but the outcome is amazing! Even if you've never baked bread before, or even been in a kitchen, this is the bread to make! It is super easy and the payoff is delicious!"


    β€œFoolproof! Haven’t made sourdough in a while and wanted to get back into it. The kit is reasonably priced and gives you everything you need. So nice to have simple instructions too. Lots of guides over complicate the process and it puts you off starting, but this kit and guide is excellent.”


    "I’ve been wanting to try sourdough baking but was put off by the complicated process. The starter kit got me started perfectly! I’m making a loaf every couple of days and my family loves it!"


    "Love my sourdough kit! I've been baking weekly ever since. Actually quite an easy process once you get your starter established. Recommend to all."

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