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Life Cykel
From Farmers To Scientists
Life Cykel was co-founded by Julian Mitchell and Ryan Creed in 2015 when they decided to collect coffee waste from Australian cafes and restaurants and use it to grow gourmet mushrooms, which they could sell back to the community and effectively reconnect people with fresh and sustainable food.
Once the coffee waste had been used to grow mushrooms it could then be used as an organic fertiliser. They were creating a closed-loop system and beginning their mission to inspire new attitudes towards food production, waste products and mushrooms.
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Life Cykel has since transformed into an evolutionary mushroom biotechnology company that is harnessing the great potential that mushrooms possess to engineer positive solutions to real world problems. By harvesting the Circular Economy and using its valuable fuel in partnership with mushrooms, they are able to offer incredible products and services for our wellness and planetary harmony.

Such products include Beemunityâ„¢, a product that supports the immunity of bees. And their world famous unique patented full spectrum double liquid extracts infused with wild harvested Australia Kakadu Plum, to assist people to upgrade their wellness and reach their full potential.

The extracts are developed using a unique double extraction process in their laboratories in Australia and USA. The potency of their liquid extracts is 1:2 which means that 1kg of mushroom material is used to make 2L of liquid extract, with each extract containing a range of full spectrum compounds acting synergistically together.

All of LifeCykel’s mushroom fruiting bodies are produced by them, with their Lion’s Mane Hericium coralloides and Turkey Tail Trametes versicolor extracts made from strains growing natively in Australia. Their Cordyceps, Chaga and Reishi extracts are grown and engineered in the USA as these strains are not permitted to be grown in Australia under the current biosecurity laws. Most of their fruiting bodies are grown on hardwood sawdust, cordyceps being an exception as it is grown on a substrate based on organic brown rice.

All of Life Cykel’s extracts are professionally developed and rigorously tested by their in-house scientists. Their most popular product is the Biohacking Set, which includes: Lion's Mane for sleep and brain health, Reishi for calmness and immunity, Shiitake for radiance and hair health, Cordyceps as an aphrodisiac or energy and vitality booster, and Turkey Tail for the ultimate gut health remedy.

Life Cykel have also set up the National Mushroom Network which offers everyday people a way to grow commercial amounts of Mushrooms in their backyard to service their local communities, while generating an income at the same time.

Life Cykel today - How Mushrooms Can Save the Planet

Proud Partnerships

Life Cykel are proud to work alongside some incredible individuals and operations such as John Smith Gumbula, their cultural ambassador and founder of BUR’AN, an Ethical Fairtrade Indigenous Social Venture Corporation. They have worked with John to develop some amazing products such as the Dreamtime Bush Tucker Box and Ancient Australian Activation Extracts, which both incorporate a range of incredible native Australian ingredients. 

Life Cykel also works alongside the Byron Bay Herb Nursery a non-for-profit disability charity that offers job opportunities and community engagement to those living with a disability. The amazing individuals at the Herb Nursery help to create Life Cykel’s Alkaline Greens and Bee Pollination Grow Kits, as well as growing seedlings for their Grow & Gift a Tree program.

Everyone at Life Cykel puts a lot of effort into bringing you the highest quality products available. We sincerely hope you enjoy them and that they will enrich your life in the best way possible! For any questions, suggestions and feedback you can always email us at

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