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Perfect Potion
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An Australian, eco-conscious, family-owned pioneer in the creation of unique, sustainable, certified natural, cruelty-free and in most cases, organic, aromatherapy and skin care products. Founded by qualified Aromatherapists, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists; Salvatore Battaglia and Carolyn Stubbin in 1991, in Brisbane. This passionate brand has the vision to help individuals, the community, and the environment flourish by listening to, guiding and reconnecting body, mind and spirit, utilising aromatherapy to reconnect people to nature.  
Perfect Potion founders Salvatore Battaglia and Carolyn Stubbin in an essential oils store
Certified Organic
Perfect Potion is committed to sourcing the finest quality certified organic essential oils, herbal extracts, floral waters, vegetable oils and other plant-based ingredients for their range. Certified organic products are not only better for your health and wellbeing, they are better for the environment. An ACO certification means a seamless chain of information following every step in the life of these products from the farm to you.
All products are made without any cruelty to animals. Perfect Potion is accredited with Choose Cruelty Free Limited: an organisation that has strict policies to promote cruelty-free living.
"We tread gently on the earth, we love the world we live in and we thrive on enriching it".
At the heart of Perfect Potion is a deep and unwavering reverence for nature and a commitment to sustainability. They strive to ensure we can continue to enjoy nature’s gifts, while improving the health of the Earth. By truly embracing sustainable innovation and seeking out creative solutions, they have been able to further implement their values to help look after our oceans, animals and the planet as a whole, while creating natural products that support holistic wellbeing.
They have used recycled materials and natural building elements since the beginning, with their first Perfect Potion sanctuary being composed of recycled kitchen cabinets. They proudly attained 3-Star ecoBiz Partnership, due to their commitment to the environment and consistent sustainability practices. 
They are unique and fortunate in that all their aromatherapy preparations (design, manufacture and distribution) are able to be done under one roof, which is solar powered (294 solar panels power their lab, manufacturing facility and Head Office, and feed energy back into the grid) in Brisbane.
This, along with lighting, waste and water (two 30kL rainwater tanks) sustainability initiatives, and all being compost-enthusiasts with their own onsite aromatic garden (designed based on regenerative agriculture principles), means they can substantially reduce their carbon footprint. According to the recent ecoBiz Audit (Feb 2021), since 2017 they have reduced energy consumption by 54% and reduced the amount of waste material to landfill by 64%, and are committed to continuous improvement and change. 
Through sourcing sustainable, quality, certified organic ingredients, Perfect Potion also support local farmers and businesses, strengthening communities and the local economy. 
Sustainable packaging is used for all distribution and shipments. They repurpose cardboard boxes with a cardboard crimper for protective packaging. Perfect Potion have been converting their product packaging to glass, aluminium, recycled cardboard and 100% recycled plastic (PET plastic) to continue to implement sustainable solutions. They've also rolled out refill stations for some of their products. Focusing on promoting a waste-less, circular economy.
Australian Koala Foundation
Perfect Potion has also been a proud supporter of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) for the past 12 years, raising nearly $15,000. $1 from every purchase of the Australian Essential Oils Kit is donated to the AKF to help protect our cherished, vulnerable koala population by supporting projects such as the Koala Habitat AtlasBob’s Map and Koala Kiss Project.⁠
We (Candice and Dan) are inspired by Perfect Potion and the incredible work they do in sustainability initiatives, while also producing such gorgeous and quality essential oil products. Candice grew up with Perfect Potion, as her Mum (Natalea) is a long-term supporter of this magical brand. Explore the Perfect Potion range.

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