Bleeding with Cacao

Bleeding with Cacao

Do you know why women often crave chocolate during menstruation? 

Our intuition is telling us something... 

Cacao has been a friend and guiding light to me for some time. She is such a soft and gentle companion, especially when I'm bleeding. Life makes more sense to me with a cup of Cacao in hand. And when I'm going through the death and rebirth of bleeding, surrendering deeply and journeying into the wisdom within - Cacao is always close by.

Ceremonial-Grade Cacao is a heart-opening plant medicine and chocolatey goodness that is one of the most nutrient-rich plants on Earth. An absolute powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and mood-boosting compounds. It is very different to the highly processed and modified ‘chocolate’ that most of us know today, or even the cacao powder you can find in supermarkets and health food stores. Cacao contains many nutrients that support a woman's cycle. 

So what nutrients can support you as you bleed?

  • MAGNESIUM: cacao is abundant in magnesium, a natural pain reliever and thus perfect for easing any symptoms, including cramps and headaches. Magnesium is required for blood pressure regulation, nerve function and blood sugar control.

  • IRON: full of plant-based iron, cacao supports the production of haemoglobin and healthy red blood cells, carrying oxygen throughout the body - very needed as we are releasing and losing blood! 

  • POTASSIUM: high in potassium to help with muscle function / uterus contractions, and lessoning cramps. 

Many woman report their sweet tooth cravings heightening with their period. This is because their bodies are requiring the above nutrients, plus comfort, and Cacao contains these and can meet our needs at this time, without the sugar and processed sweets.

Cacao is so nourishing and the body comes to recognise it as a source of what it truly desires at this time of its cycle. I used to experience cravings around my bleed and Dan would know it meant I needed my stock of dark chocolate and the occasional brownie and comforting sweets. However now my body asks for an additional Cacao at this time. I'll have my usual morning mediation cacao, and typically will allow for an afternoon or evening bath ritual with another cup. I honour what my body needs at this particular time, and have since never experienced the typical menstruation sweet tooth I used to. 

And of course, spiritually there are so many ways Cacao can be supportive whilst bleeding; carving out quiet ritual, setting intention with Cacao to connect with your womb space and releasing what you require to let go of from this past cycle, opening your heart, connecting you to your body, helping you surrender - it is pure magic! An amazing tool to help in aligning with your cycle and coming to love and look forward to your sacred bleed - a time of our cycle that holds so much magic, wisdom and power. 

Click here to purchase some Ceremonial-Grade Cacao, and receive a free 33min guided Cacao Ceremony recording. I'm also in the process of creating some guided Cacao journeys with the intention to connect to the womb and inner goddess wisdom whilst bleeding. There is also our Sacred She range, where I'm putting together lots of Divine Feminine curations! Stay tuned! Much love, Candice xx

Drawing by Vanessa Mullen

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