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Mockmill 200 PRO Professional MOCK wooden grain, flour, pulses, legumes and spice fresh in home mill for personal use on wooden bench with a jar of brown rice and a bowl of freshly ground rice flour and dough

Mockmill Origin

Wolfgang Mock is known around the world for the fine, home-scale stone mills he has developed over the years. On his birthday in 1975, Wolfgang’s life changed when he received a loaf of home-baked sourdough rye bread from a friend who had gone so far as to grind the rye grains himself to flour. Now, for more than forty years, Wolfgang has been campaigning to wake people up to the right they have to be the ones opening those "treasure chests of nature" – grains. He set himself the task of creating high quality, convenient and affordable home grain mills that would make this possible, dedicated to helping people take the opportunity of getting the most out of Nature’s grains. 

Mockmill Today

Today, Wolfgang's quest that began in the mid-1970’s, continues. Sourcing custom innovative precision components from manufacturers throughout Europe, Wolfgang and his engineering team have designed and refined countertop home and professional grain mills, with their goal to put one in every kitchen and small-scale artisan bakery on Earth as they passionately believe that baking and cooking with fresh-milled, organic whole grains is the best thing you can do in your kitchen for both flavour and nutrition. This should be accessible, convenient and affordable for everyone.

Mockmill Australia & Vanrooy Machinery

Vanrooy Machinery was established in 1978 by John Van Rooy, who was inspired by his own experiences in the baking industry and the lack of innovative choices available to him and many others. With his European heritage, John was certain there was better out there, so he travelled to one of the biggest European bakery exhibitions in the early 1970’s, found innovative technology and began importing and making these available to Australians. Vanrooy are the sole Wolfgang Mock approved distributors of the Mockmills in Australia, and we are proud to partner with Vanrooy, who is a now fourth-generation, family-run Australian company.

 “Our mission has always been clear: to provide world class food equipment with expert technical support, so that our customers can produce the highest quality products with great efficiency” – David Van Rooy, CEO.

 Environmental Responsibility

 Made utilising environmentally sustainable and renewable materials, Mockmill ensures environmental responsibility is high on their list of Corporate Values. The Mockmill 100 is built with Arboblend, a vegetal plastic made from wood fibre that would otherwise be burned or go to waste. Robust, attractive, sustainable, Mockmill!

Better For Health

The bountiful minerals and nutrients in grains can only be retained in full if you mill your grains yourself. Grains have much to offer us, and are best left intact, in their amazing nature-made packaging, right up until they’re needed. And then milled into beautiful and luscious flour, simply and effortlessly, just-in-time. 


You decide, from your choice of specific grains, grown where and as you prefer, down to how fine (or coarse!) you grind them. You decide when those nutritional treasure chests get opened.


Just as foods made with fresh fruits and vegetables taste better, so too do foods made with grains milled just-in-time. Ask your nose to tell you the difference between your freshly milled flour and flour out of the bag. You’ll be amazed! 

Impeccably Built To Last


Mockmills are engineered and manufactured in Germany by Wolfgang Mock GmbH, using their own custom, precision engineered, corundum-ceramic milling stones (photographed above). They are self-sharpening, almost as hard as diamonds, and treated reasonably, they will last longer than we know how to count. The electric motors use the highest quality components and have been engineered to run smoothly, quietly, and to provide a long, maintenance-free life. 

You can’t find a more perfect way to enjoy food. Grain for fresh milling is grown all around the world, and certainly near your home. The variety is enormous! But fresh milling is not only for grains. There is an enormous variety of dried beans and peas, spices, and power foods such as amaranth and quinoa at your disposal for milling into luscious flours. Empower yourself to enjoy their full goodness. You’ll find yourself discovering foods for milling at every turn! 

We (Candice and Dan) are passionate about food quality and health for all, as well as the power of self sufficiency in the kitchen made possible with innovations like the Mockmill. Explore the Mockmill range 

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