Sourdough Starter
Sourdough Starter
Sourdough Starter
Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

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Get started baking sourdough in as little as a couple days!

This is what makes sourdough, sourdough! This starter comes with an active starter guarantee (or we'll replace it free).

Includes a packet of dried sourdough starter flakes (1 tablespoon) dehydrated from Josh's (You Knead Sourdough's founder) original starter from over 3 years ago. This starter is strong and made with quality ingredients (wheat flour and water). 

The wheat is grown and milled by South Australian farmers Flinders Ranges Premium Grain. They have grown their own wheat in the Flinders Ranges for generations and the flour they produce has been recognised internationally for it's quality and consistency.

sourdough starter, or a sourdough culture, is fermented dough filled with natural wild yeast and bacteria called lactobacilli. The starter is what helps the bread to rise, unlike normal supermarket bread, which uses commercial yeast. The wild yeast produce bread with that distinct sourdough flavour. 

Think of your sourdough starter as a living thing, because it is, quite literally full of life! There are over 50 million yeasts and five billion lactobacilli bacteria in every teaspoon of starter dough, which is what gives sourdough bread its signature sourness.

Making a sourdough starter from scratch requires a lot of time, patience, and troubleshooting. It can take a long time before it's ready to make sourdough. Whilst it can be a rewarding process to start your own, this is an excellent option if you'd like to start with a robust culture that is ready to use quickly.

There is a great Sourdough Starter Recipe Guide to refer to to guide you in getting your starter ready to go. 

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Please note that You Knead Sourdough products are dispatched together directly from our supplier, in order to reduce carbon emissions. As such, we cannot ship this product with our plastic free guarantee. 

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