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UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&
UrbiPod - Australia&

UrbiPod - Australia's #1 Indoor Self Watering Smart Garden Kit

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We love the UrbiPod because it takes all of the guesswork out of growing & saves money (as well as food miles & packaging waste) whilst avoiding the need to accept less than fresh supermarket herbs.  

This Australian designed & made smart garden solution allows you the possibility to harvest nutritious food straight from your garden to your family's plates, without even leaving the kitchen.  You can easily grow fresh herbs, salads, microgreens, flowering plants, even cherry tomatoes indoors and all year-round. 

With its clever irrigation and nutrient application system, the UrbiPod delivers the right amount of natural plant food for healthy & sustained plant growth. Whilst the automated energy-efficient LED system replicates sunlight & provides the ideal environment that can deliver plant growth up to five times faster than outdoors. 

Key Features:

  • Comes ready assembled - just 5 easy steps to get growing.
  • This kit has everything you need to start growing - nothing else to purchase. Including: 250ml natural nutrient solution, five natural coir growing discs, water bottle & valve, detachable growing pods & a collection of seasonal seeds (4 packs). 
  • It’s clever irrigation & nutrient application system delivers the right amount of natural plant food for healthy & sustained plant growth which takes all the guesswork out of growing.
  • Uses 90% less water, less power, less space than conventional growing solutions.
  • Generous growing area to promote healthy root development & cater for more plant varieties.
  • Contemporary stylish design that looks at home in your kitchen.
  • Manufactured in Western Australia and gives back to the community by partnering with disability services provider Activ Foundation for product assembly.
  • Features a self-timing, adjustable LED grow light halo which is energy efficient, reliable and rated for 50,000 hours of use, so in 8 years time after constant use it’s likely to still be working like new.
  • Lighting halo replicates the sun by providing your plants with 16 hours a day of light supporting the growth of herbs, veggies, microgreens, veggies, flowers & fruits.  It can also be adjusted up & down to optimise the lighting intensity for the needs of your plants.  
  • Equipped with a self-watering irrigation system to keep your plants watered without supervision for two to four weeks.
  • Each of the four growing pods that come with the UrbiPod are detachable from the unit so they can be moved all around your home for easy access to fresh herbs & salads.  
  • Coir discs are made from 100% natural by-product of coconuts & have great water-retention capacity.
  • The included 250ml of natural liquid nutrients ensure that all the minerals in the nutrient are available to the plant at the right concentrations all the time.


  • Aluminium PCB, LEDs (light halo), Power Adapter, Recyclable PE/PET blend wicking system (unit), coconut coir (discs), all natural liquid nutrient, aluminium seeds packets, seeds, jute (starter kit bag).
  • Dimensions UrbiPod: 39.5cm x 28.8cm x 28.8cm
  • Individual pod: 15.6cm x 10.2cm
  • Weight 3.5kg
  • Power 18W
  • Colour White
  • Cleaning and care Disassemble first then wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Proudly Designed and made in Australia (Coir from Sri Lanka)
  • Warranty 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Eco Packaging:

Urbotanica put every effort into environmentally considerate packaging, a couple of examples: This kit comes packed in a cardboard box which is unbleached and no longer colour printed, and they put no extra packing material around the unit. After some years of trialling they identified the product is strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping without stuffing's, so they don't put any in. The 4 seed collections are are now bound with a recycled paper wrap label, and they use the sticker waste between the labels to wrap the other way around the seed packets to secure.  Whilst making the UrbiPods from Recyclable PE/PET blend is currently the best manufacturing option available for Aussie production at this time, the future plan when available domestically is to make the unit out of a bamboo/cornstarch mix.  Like Eden Tree Eco, Urbotanica exist to reduce waste, & therefore are always working on improvement where possible.

The big picture issue this product addresses:

To support people to grow their own fresh herbs. 40% of fresh produce ends up in landfill, and 38% of 10Mil Australian households spend between $5-10 on fresh herbs a week (Approx. 2-4 plastic clamshell containers) That is millions of plastic clamshell containers every week, the Urbipod can help divert from landfills and oceans.

Customer care:

In addition to the support you will always get from us at Eden Tree Eco, the team at Urbotanica have earned a great reputation for their excellent after sales service and 'growing' advice.  Being the only indoor smart garden 100% manufactured in Australia truly earns them the title of Australia's no 1 home smart garden product.  For both product and service.

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