The Gift of Ceremony - A Cacao Journey
The Gift of Ceremony - A Cacao Journey
The Gift of Ceremony - A Cacao Journey
The Gift of Ceremony - A Cacao Journey

The Gift of Ceremony - A Cacao Journey

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The Gift of Ceremony  ~  A Cacao Journey

Share in a Ceremonial-Grade Cacao Ceremony experience. A beautiful gift for a special someone, or the perfect self care gift to yourself, especially if you haven't experienced a Cacao Ceremony before. 

This lovingly created gift package is designed to provide one person with everything they need to experience Ceremonial-Grade Cacao in a guided heart-opening ceremony with Candice (held over Zoom). You can read all about Cacao and its benefits here

What’s inside?

  • 1x 50g bag of Ceremonial-Grade Cacao. A ceremonial dose is ~42grams, leaving a little extra for another day
  • An intuitively chosen incense plank handcrafted in WA using only fresh, sustainably harvested and direct trade plant ingredients; no toxins or additives to bring healing smoke and sacred space to ceremony - please note these are fragile and prone to breakage on route, however you break off a piece to burn so we won't use all of it in one go 
  • An intuitively chosen crystal to work with during ceremony - Candice will choose for the recipient 
  • 1x 1ml sample vial of Perfect Potion Relax Essential Oil Blend (100% pure essential oils of: lavender, sweet orange, geranium and ylang ylang) to aid in relaxation during ceremony, and you'll have some left over in a refillable vial
  • 1x Essence Exploration Card, designed by Candice to help you connect with your own unique essence each and every day

What’s included?

Everything in this gift package will be used in a 60 minute, one on one, guided Cacao Ceremony with Candice. This is live, over Zoom, and is tailored to suit you (or the recipient) and the intentions at the time.

There will be an easy to follow booking link inside the gift box to access Candice’s calendar and book a preferred time. Upon booking, a confirmation email will be sent with instructions on how to prepare for ceremony and how to prepare Cacao.

This heart connection ceremony involves creating sacred space using the tools provided in this gift package, breath work, intention setting, visualisation, meditation, sound healing, gratitude practice, working with crystals and cards, sharing and connecting, while journeying with Cacao. Each ceremony is unique and tailored intuitively. 

Comes in a minimalistic, plastic-free eco gift box (100% home compostable, including packaging).

If you have any questions about this package, please reach out.

*Cacao Ceremony must be booked before 30 September 2022

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